How To Get A Girl To Like You

Every man knows at least one woman who is sweet and nice, has a nice body and a beautiful face – and usually dates guy who are more “adept”. So, do you want to learn how to get a girl to like you?

Although men are usually attracted to women with good looks, women are usually attracted to men with good personalities. So, the trick here would be to show her that you are a confident alpha male who isn’t afraid to take the lead or take what he wants in life. In other words, you have to make women feel like they have to earn your affections.

Here are the two best ways on how to get a girl to like you…

How To Get A Girl To Like You – Surefire Tips You Need To Know

  • Be nonchalant.

If you show a woman that you couldn’t care less when it comes to her thoughts or opinions about you, she will become intrigued and wonder why you aren’t drooling at the sight of her the way other men are. This will bring you one step closer to winning her over.

  • Do not get attached.

Regardless of whether a woman likes you or not, you shouldn’t allow her to challenge you. In fact, you should let the complete opposite be true and challenge her instead!

Aside from making yourself look highly valuable in her eyes, you also have to get rid of any neediness in your system. To do this, just flirt with more women and date as many of them as possible. In other words, do not limit yourself to one girl alone!

Besides, believe it or not, seeing you around so many other women will actually make your target find you more attractive. This is called “social proof” and is very powerful in women.

So, in a nutshell, if you want to learn how to get a girl to like you, you simply have to make sure you get her attention, make yourself highly valuable in her eyes, and hang out with a lot of women.

But, if you want a surefire way to make a woman like you, then check out this super powerful technique called Fractionation.

Known as the secret weapon of master seducers, this is a technique that is used to quickly make a girl like any guy – by accessing her brain and installing “pleasure” feelings inside her mind. It’s covert, but it works like magic.

To download a video on this technique, enter your email address here:


Disclaimer: As I’d like to limit the access to this technique, I reserve the right NOT to share this video with anyone. And if you do get to watch this video, I will not be held responsible for the actions that you choose to take resulting from getting this knowledge.

In short: use this knowledge responsibly!

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How To Get A Girl To Like You Back

Do you want to learn how to get a girl to like you back? If you really like a girl and can’t stop thinking about her soft skin, radiant eyes and gorgeous hair day after day, but she doesn’t really know you exist, then you need to get into her radar – now. Here are several things that you can do to get the results that you want in no time…

How To Get A Girl To Like You Back – Essential Tips You Must Know

  • Meet as many girls as possible. 

Even if you are only interested in one particular girl, you have to act completely counter-intuitive. Contrary to what you brain might think, it isn’t logical to obsess over a single woman.

Get this covert technique on how to get a girl to like you by watching this video - it will blow your mind, guaranteed!

Think about it. How many times have you actually obsessed over a girl so much that you focused all of her attention on her, and won her over in the end? Not a lot, huh?  In fact, on the flip side, if you really want to learn how to get a girl to like you back, you have to succeed with other girls first.

So, be more social and make more friends, preferably female ones. Get along with as many of them as possible and then, once you realize that girls are starting to see you as more than just a friend more often, you will successfully bag your dream girl whenever you want to – believe it.

  • Send her mixed signals. 

To make sure she thinks about you all the time, send her mixed signals as often as possible. Be sweet and caring one minute, only to remind her that you just see her as a friend another.

Another method to send mixed signals (but rather extreme) would be to use Fr


It could well be overkill in some cases, but just be aware of this option. I wouldn’t use it in most cases because it could be too “powerful”… remember that you don’t want to create stalkers!

Little things like this really count in the long run and you will be able to get a girl to like you back if you balance things out just right. Good luck!

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How To Get Girls To Like You

If you’ve been wondering how to get girls to like you then you’ve come to the right place! In this short article, I am going to share with you some surefire tips, techniques and tricks which anyone can use to get girls to like them quickly and easily. Read on to discover what these tips and tricks are, and use them to get amazing results with women fast…

However, before I start, I need to ask you this question:-

Do you see yourself as a politically correct wuss who sees subtle seduction tactics as beneath you? If so, stop reading this article immediately. See, I am about to show you several crazily powerful tactics, which any man could use to get any woman to like him, all of which revolve around influence, hypnosis and persuasion tactics that many cult leaders and politicians have used in the past.

And, while using such tactics, women are sure to have a hard time NOT falling for you – just because that is how they are psychologically built to respond to them. Keep reading to find out the deadly ways to complete female domination by using subtle tactics of attraction – and reach deadly results incredibly fast…

How To Get A Girl To Like You – Three Essential Techniques Used By Masters Of Seduction

Technique #1: “Force Her to Submission”. Several psychologists believe that a woman’s submission is in her nature. Now, I do not want to debate when it comes to human psychology; however, a lot of women do prefer being led by strong men.

So, what you have to do is establish your dominating personality from the very start so that she sees you as the leader. This means that you have make sure you make a “tattoo” on her mind that you are in charge of making decisions.

Technique #2: “Train Her”. Not unlike a pet, you have to train your woman and give her rewards whenever she behaves properly and punish her whenever she doesn’t. Then, with a sufficient amount of conditioning, she will end up feeling happier to simply submit to your commands than to argue with you.

Once you have mastered these two techniques, then you should have no problems getting girls to like you. However, if you want something which is infinitely more powerful when it comes to dating and seducing women, you should check out this technique called “Fractionation”.

Used by masters in seduction (but only known to the general public fairly recently), Fractionation has been the “number one” dating technique in terms of both effectiveness and ease of use.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to use this technique to supercharge your dating life and increase your success with women ten times over, then download the Fractionation Formula package. It’s free.

Here’s the website where you can download the Formula:

Master the technique, but don’t misuse it to harm anybody!

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How To Get A Girl To Like You

Want to know how to get a girl to like you quickly and easily? Read on to get the “real deal” when it comes to seducing women and make them fall in love with you…

The majority of men out there mistakenly try to become their dream woman’s friend while they attempt to seduce her. Unfortunately, this only ends up making them the woman’s shoulder to cry on. See, after you become a friend, it will be difficult for you to become anything more than that, really.

Therefore, you need to know which methods to use to turn women on, so they can stop seeing you as a friend. Keep reading to find out the deadly ways to turn women on in no time… so you can become a possible sexual partner instead of just the loser friend…

How To Get A Girl To Like You – The Essential Tips And Tricks

  • “Listen”. One problem that a lot of men face is that they can only concentrate on getting lucky. This results in them neglecting every other seduction and dating aspect in the book, which happen to be extremely vital in overall success. See, if you want to make it appear like you completely UNDERSTAND a woman, you have to pretend like you are always listening to her, no matter what. This is especially effective even if she likes someone else.
  • “Be a Mystery”. It would be vital to keep a woman’s interest on you, as well, and you can do this to make sure she keeps guessing at your real intentions. Let picture of a girlher wonder about how serious you are with her. The rule of thumb is that you have to make sure she wonders about how interested you are for as long as possible, so that you have more chances of turning her on successfully in the end.
  • “The Hypnotic Stare”. It is possible to hypnotize women without having to say a thing. Yes, eye contact would suffice! One easy technique to follow would be to stare at her for around 2 seconds longer than you normally would. What is weird about this particular technique would be the fact that such a prolonged stare can sexually excite women somehow. No one really knows why is it so effective, but it is. It would be vital not to seem like a complete nutcase by staring too much, though – remember that. Obviously you’ll need to overcome your shyness if you want to pull this off successfully.
  • “The Mirror”. If you want an easy method in making women feel connected to you on an emotional level would be to copy her body language. To do this successfully, you have to be completely aware of her movements. Copy her body positions and other subtle things she may do. See, doing this will send her subconscious signals of being in familiar territory, resulting in her lowering her inhibitions in no time at all.

This should give you a head-start when it comes to making a girl like you quickly. If you need more help, here are some other articles to check out:

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How To Talk To A Girl

Knowing how to talk to a girl is essential to seduction success. Indeed, “Conversational Seduction” is one of the main pillars of dating. Mastering the art of conversing with a woman (and seducing her) is more important than good looks and impeccable grooming!

Talking to a girl need not be complicated – don’t over-think it. However, if you need some powerful techniques on how to talk to a girl and make her like you quickly, then check out this free resource below -

Free video – use your words to “talk” your way into seducing a woman

WARNING: As nobody really knows what the long-term effect of this technique has on women, it has got the potential to affect a woman’s psychology in a negative way.

DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE if you have bad intentions over the usage of this technique.


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